Obsession(Television Miniseries 2023)

Sure, Obsession is a 2023 British thriller television miniseries based on the novel Damage (1991) by Josephine Hart. The miniseries was directed by Glen Leburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa, and starred Richard Armitage, Charlie Murphy, Indira Varma and Sonera Angel. It was released on 13 April 2023 on Netflix.

The miniseries follows William, a respected London surgeon, who begins an affair with his son Jay’s fiancee Anna.The miniseries explores themes of love, passion and betrayal.

 Obsession has received mixed reviews from critics. Some have praised the performances of the cast, while others have criticized the plot for being predictable and derivative. However, the miniseries has been commercially successful, with the first episode on Netflix being watched by over 10 million viewers.

Is Obsession only 4 episodes?

Yep, the 2023 TV series Obsession is only 4 episodes long. The series premieres on Netflix on April 13, 2023. Each episodes is about 40-50 minutes long.

The series is based on the novel Damage by Josephine Hart. This is the story of a reputed London surgeon who has an affair with his son’s fiancee. The affair turns into a sensual attraction that threatens to change their lives forever.

The series consists of stars like Charlie Murphy, Richard Armitage, Indira Varma and Sonera Angel. It was directed by Anthony Byrne and written by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and Benji Walters.

Who is the killer in the Obsession?

The killer in Nora Roberts’ novel The Obsession is Logan Raintree. He is a former FBI agent who was obsessed with Naomi Bowes, the daughter of a serial killer. Logan was convinced that Naomi was just like his father, and he set out to prove it by becoming a copycat killer himself. He followed Naomi and her friends and eventually killed two of them.

Logan’s obsession with Naomi was rooted in his childhood trauma. His father was also a serial killer and Logan was forced to witness his father’s crimes. Logan was deeply hurt by this experience and was determined to find someone who could understand his pain. He saw Naomi as a kindred spirit, and believed she could help him heal.

However, Logan’s obsession turned to insanity. He became convinced that Naomi was trying to seduce him, and he began to see her as a threat. He killed two of her friends in an attempt to protect himself from her, and eventually tried to kill Naomi as well.

Naomi manages to escape Logan’s clutches and eventually helps bring him to justice. Logan was sentenced to life imprisonment and died there several years later.

Here are some of the things you can expect from Obsession:

1.A dark and suspenseful story
2.strong performance by the cast
3.A thought-provoking exploration of themes of love, passion and betrayal
4.If you’re a fan of thrillers or psychological dramas, you’ll probably enjoy this series. This is a well made miniseries with a compelling story and memorable characters.

Here are some additional details about the miniseries:

1.It is 4 episodes long, each about an hour long.
2.It was filmed in London, England.
3.The miniseries is rated TV-MA for mature audiences.

What is Obsession based on?

Obsession Netflix
Obsession Netflix

This Netflix series is a story that based on the 1991 novel Damage by Josephine Hart. The novel tells the story of Stephen Fleming, a high-profile politician who begins an affair with his son’s fiancee, Anna Barton. This case has devastating consequences for everyone involved.

The 1992 film Damage, starring Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche, was also based on the novel. The film was directed by Lewis Malle and was a critical and commercial success.

The Netflix series Obsession is a remake of the film Damage. The series stars Richard Armitage as William Farrow, a renowned surgeon who begins an affair with his son’s fiancee, Anna Dean (Charlie Murphy). The series is directed by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and Benji Walters.

The Netflix series is a dark and suspenseful drama that explores the dangerous consequences of obsession. The series is a believable adaptation of the novel and film, and features a strong cast. If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, you’ll definitely want to watch Obsession.

Here is a table summarizing the different adaptations of the novel Damage:

Adaptation Director Artist of the Year:

Novel 1991 Josephine Hart.

Movie 1992 Louis Malle Jeremy Irons Juliette Binoche

TV Series 2023 Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, Benji Walters, Richard Armitage, Charlie Murphy.

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