Dehati Ladke Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, & What to Expect

Dehati Ladke Season 2
Dehati Ladke Season 2πŸ’“

Dehati Ladke Season 2: Breaking down the details
The Dehati ladke Season 2 is finally here
, and it’s bringing back the lovable Boy we all know about in Season 1. But if you’re new to the field or need a refresher, here’s everything you need to know:

  • Season 2 continues the adventures of friends like– Shine Pandey, Raghav Sharma, Tanish Neeraj, Saamya Jainn, Kusha Kapila, Aasif Khan 
  • Expect new challenges and humorous situations as they combine their dreams with the realities of rural life.
  • With a deep focus on personal growth and self-discovery, love triangles, family drama and hilarious misadventures seem to be on the menu.


The original cast of Season 1 returns, including Shine Pandey (Lohit), Raghav Sharma (Bablu), Kusha Kapila (Chamchi), and Saumya Jain (Rocky).
New faces are also joining the fun, adding new dynamics to the show.


The Country Boys season 2 premiered on Amazon MiniTV on October 6, 2023.
All episodes are currently available for free streaming on the platform.


So far, the second season has received positive reviews, with fans praising the show’s humor, relatable characters, and continuation of the heart-warming stories.

Some critics say that the plot may seem predictable at times, but the overall sentiment is positive.

Beyond the Basics:

You can find additional information and updates about The Dehati ladke Season 2 through a variety of channels, including:
Official Instagram page (@dehatiladkes)

YouTube videos with trailers, songs, and behind-the-scenes clips
Fan forums and online discussions

The Dehati Ladke Season 2 promises a refreshing dose of laughter, friendship and relatable humor with a touch of growth and development. If you enjoyed the first season or liked the charming stories set in rural India, this one is definitely worth a watch!

Remember: this is just a starting point. Feel free to ask me any specific questions about characters, plot points, reception, or anything related to The Country Boy Season 2. I’m here to help you dive deeper into the world of these country boys!

Dehati Ladke Season 2 Release Date | Where can I watch Dude Season 2

While the excitement for Dehati Ladke Season 2 is palpable, an official release date remains officially unannounced. However, let’s delve into the available clues and speculations to paint a clearer picture:

Confirmed News:
  • Renewal: Amazon miniTV confirmed the second season back in Starting January, much to the delight of fans.
  • Production: Mid Shooting has been done while it takes less time to complete the other part of this series.
  • Platform: Season 2, like its predecessor, will be available for free on the Amazon miniTV app and website.
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